挑战 Notes Importance of 飞行 Time

由Scott Spangler于2012年4月15日

For decades, individuals 和 organizations have focused attention 和 effort 上 rebuilding 的试点人口. But for 的first time in memory, AOPA is drawing attention to—and doing something about it with its 保持’em Flying 挑战—an equally important number: hours flown. And it asks pilots to push themselves beyond 的hundred-buck burger run.

挑战Like 的pilot population, 的GA和第135部分飞行的小时 pilots has been in bumpy decline since 1980, when they logged more than 41 million hours. In 1990 it was 32 million; in 2000 it was 29.9 million; 和 in 2010 is was 24.8 million hours, up from 23.7 的year before.

AOPA elegantly shares 的wealth 和 benefits of getting airborne 和 motivates participation with a random drawing that will award a $2,499 grand prize, $1,000 to second place, $500 to third place, 和 four $250 fourth-place awards.

There’s 上e entry per pilot, 和 qualification is 上 的honor system. Between April 1 和 July 31, 2012, pilots must fly at least five hours as pilot in command of an aircraft to five destination airports more than 50 nautical miles away, 和 complete an 航空安全学院在线课程.

That sounds like more fun than 的prosaic burger mission to 的same old airports. Aviation is about adventure, so add 您r own challenge. Fly to five never-before visited airports or seek all available runway options: grass, gravel, asphalt, 和 concrete, short 和 soft, wide 和 narrow.

And don’t forget to invite 您r friends. Making 您r challenge a social event with passengers (prospective or lapsed pilots 您 may know) 和 more than 上e airplane adds to 的fun! Let me know what personal challenge 您 come up with, because flying is also about sharing. –斯科特·斯潘格勒


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  1. 鲍比·史密斯 说:

    i enjoyed 您r article 和 after losing most of my hearing was looking forward to getting back in 的air 和 connot even get an aircraft built because Titan Aircraft 和 Indy Sport Aviation think I should support my sorry step daughter because she is a Christian in need. I find it strange that as a retired officer I don’t seem to have 的rights that I spent most of my life fighting for.


  2. 比利·罗森塔尔 说:

    I just about puked after reading this comment about fly as many hours as 您 can I have just about every rating in 通用航空 that 您 can get in two types now these days 您 haft to win 的lotto or be rich to fly now a person could not do what I did 30 years ago all I here is we are going to do something about well here is 您r do somthing avgas $ 7.37 gal west texas 和 的sky is 的limit 和 in some places over $ 10 gal when are 您 going to do something do me a favor go to 您r local airport 和 count 的number of pistons aircraft flying now count 的private jets 您 will have 您r answer it seems 的elites 和 的foreighnors can 上ly get tickets now it makes me sick now do something
    比利·罗森塔尔(Billy Rosenthal)

  3. 汤姆·韦尔登 说:

    我认为如果我们不这样做,那是个好主意’t start flying more often then we will loose are right to fly. Yes! Fuel is expensive but where there is a will there is away. I for 上e will never have a hanger Queen 和 no I am not rich but I have made flying a priority in my life. I wish other pilots would do 的same.

  4. 比利·罗森塔尔 说:

    When I was 14 or 15 years of age i just started flying 的year 1973 in school a 1973 Cessna 150 sold 新for $5500 $13 dollars solo $15 with a instructor now I worked part time at Winn Dixie made $60 dollars a week big money for me now if 您 look At 的numbers I had time for a least 3 to 4 hours a month 和 still had plenty of money left in 1980 as a instructor 的price jump to $39 solo 和 $53 dual I made $6 dollars a hour for primary student 和 $8 dollars for instrument now peesent min wage 7+ about $300 week before taxes I believe a Cessna 152 now is $125 hour maby more with 的fuel so now mr. Or mrs. Now can 上ly fly maby 1 hour a month that is what Iam talking about no American kid can afford this 上 his own like I did it is totaly out of reach 和 aviation is good for kids billy rosenthal

  5. 布莱恩·德范德里 说:

    雅知道…猜猜我一定会变得有点老,或者有些什么。作为AOPA的长期(热情)成员/支持者,请阅读本文档…AOPA (actually?!) offering a prize?? for who can fly 的most hours?!? …to kick start …entice …哄?? ..激励?!?什么’s left of 的GA 试点人口 …or “inspire”一个新的?从死亡螺旋中恢复过来,她(通用航空)发现自己在…居然让我尴尬!看来我所能做的就是摇摇低下的头。

    来吧APOPA…enough of 的gimmicks!

    Please forgive 的following re-cap of a previous rant;

    让我们来看看…the “new & improved”C-172-SP,最近在《飞行》杂志上评论:单引擎,4位,固定档位,固定支柱,基本,简单,低马力“light airplane”。它的基本机身已经存在了半个多世纪,并且其R&D,工具和大多数其他最初的开发成本早在几十年前就已支付了很多次(本质上是一个(非常)旧的机体,经过一些调整,并已升级为一些现代航空电子设备(其成本也应大大低于其航空电子设备)蒸汽表,模拟对应物)…all this for ONLY $300,000+ ?!?!? Oh, but 您 can get 的venerable old “new & improved” Piper Archer for about 的same price! But wait! …you can get a shiny 新Carbon Cub; an even simpler TWO place, fixed gear, fixed prop, basic, simple low HP “LIGHT SPORT” airplane” with a basic avionics package for 的bargain price of just under 200K!! Of course, Cessna has finally thrown a bone (sort of) to 的fledgling 新“Mom & Pop” 飞行 School in 的form of a 21st. Century “Trainer”; 的C-162 Skycatcher! … available for 的much more REASONABLE “base price”(刚刚增加!)150K!…which means they should be able to afford at least 3 or 4 of em! The C-172 was available, in 1980, IFR equipped, for 的low 30’s(今天大约90K’s dollars) In 1979 的C-152 went for just under 20K (55K today)

    Now, throw in 的over inflated (and ever increasing) costs of fuel, insurance, maintenance 和 all those other “miscellaneous”运营费用,问问自己;哪有一个“Upper” Middle Class, “Above” Average Joe afford/justify such a purchase (especially after tacking all those actual operating expenses) How can such a sums for such airplanes ever be (reasonably) justified?? And we (and APOPA) wonder why 新pilot certification is half what it was just two decades ago?? 为什么 (aircraft) rental rates have gotten beyond 的reach of most would be Sunday Flyers? What could possibly be causing this decline in our beloved activity??

    欧洲大部分地区和当今亚洲都没有“General Aviation” …solely because of 的prohibitably expensive costs. Their citizens have been coming here to pursue that dream we’所有这一切都是理所当然的! (但即使那样’s going to change …read: practically grind to a halt, now that 的new draconian EASA 飞行 Crew licensing regs have kicked in) Active participation in our wonderful world of “Flight” here in 的USA has always been 上 的(relatively) expensive side, 和 up until now has remained 的best (and 上ly) place 上 的planet to do so. But take another really honest look at 的math. Even if we tack 上 another 50% (a very conservative/generous estimate) to account for 的uncontrolled explosion of all 的greed laden “Product Liability” suits many (airplane manufacturers) have had to endure these last couple of decades (about 的ONLY thing Cessna, Piper etc. can legitimately claim to have been “victimized” by) …我们最多应该在135美元左右–今天的140,000(配备齐全)的C-172。…hmm.

    In 的late 70’s,我努力让自己上学(让’s not even get started 上 的costs of a college degree these days!) 和 pay for (mostly through loans) my flight training to pursue a dream of being a Professional Pilot. Now 35 years later, after having been fortunate to have flown everything from parachutes to 747’s,这个问题对我而言尤其令人心碎,因为我严重怀疑我今天能否成功…想知道今天怎么样’的年轻人(甚至“above average”意味着)也可以。

    I’害怕这些贪婪的时代,我们’re a livin’ 和 的exponential rate at which that expense is accelerating, will 上ly serve to hasten 的time when 的final nails are driven. We’重新迅速摧毁“General Aviation” in this country …made it solely a “Rich Mans” sport. “Why” 的rapidly downward spiraling total logged hours?? …a Pilot shortage?? …确实非常非常难过。

  6. 比利·罗森塔尔 说:

    Let me tell 您 boys something there are no pilot shortage 和 if there were 上e 的airlines would grab a foreinor 和 take a american job I have seen it both industries heli 和 fix I was a minority when I was a instructor very few American instructors 1980 now I want 您 aviators to do me a favor when I get fuel I bitch I let 的whole FBO here me just do it 和 I even ask what they are paying for fuel some even show me there fuel bill no bs some knock off a little off 的price also send letters called nasty grams to 您r reps 和 senators I do both I also leave phone call messages 和 tell them what a terrible job they are doing in aviation to do it I have had enough 和 I am not that old just want to say most of 您 aviators or well to do

  7. @williamAirways 说:

    AOPA再次证明了自己是与外界脱节的营销机器,可以吸引尽可能多的会员资格。真? AOPA真的认为放弃这些数量有限的奖品实际上会增加人们’飞吗?给我一个休息时间。已经足够。一世’我对AOPA感到厌恶如果有什么用,AOPA的空洞承诺和泡泡糖赠品对通用航空有害。 AOPA非常渴望获得会员人数,他们会说任何话来给GA带来恐惧。

    So as long as there are people making money, there will be people with disposable income to try their hand at flying. Sure, 的numbers have diminished somewhat but AOPA takes an alarmist stance. The pilot decline isn’t all that horrible if 您 look at 的numbers. The problem isn’t people’s lack of interest in aviation. The problem is disposable income. Solve that 和 GA will be just fine. But AOPA seem to think there are reasons other than money that is keeping people away from flying. Believe it or not, there are people with money who actually go to 的airport 和 spend it. I see it every single day. What 您 don’t see are 的aforementioned middle class doing it. It’s sad, but let’不是在自欺欺人。飞行很昂贵,如果不这样做’没有可支配收入,你’re not doing it. When 的decision is food vs. flying, well, survival trumps. This basic concept escapes AOPA, which is just pathetic.

    AOPA really need to wake 的hell up. I’m going to 的bathroom now to finish throwing up after having vomited in my mouth from this pathetic attempt by AOPA to stimulate flying. Good grief…you’d认为与会员费有关。

  8. 比利·罗森塔尔 说:

    Tell them williamsairways 您r right but they are not listening no fighters here but I am.