米迦 Engber – Contributor

米迦 Engber – Contributor

米迦’s contributions to 杰瑟恩 include both anecdotal stories 和 opinion pieces in which he shares the joys 和 wonder of aviation in a manner which often includes an unexpected twist of humor, appreciated 和 enjoyed by both experts 和 laymen alike. 米迦’s features 和 commentaries engage his audience not just with aviation facts, but by relating feelings 和 sensitivities that touch the hearts 和 minds of readers of all ages. Through his life long love of flight, 米迦 brings both fact based 和 emotional content to all things aviation, conveying ideas in a manner unique 和 often atypical in aviation reporting.

In addition to 杰瑟恩, 米迦 Engber has been Contributor-at-Large for The Airplane Geeks podcast for many years. He is also a regular contributor to several other international podcasts including The 民航飞行员 Guy, Plane Talking UK, 和 The Plane 安全 播客 among others.

米迦 is based in Portland, Maine 和 is often referred to as our Main(e) man. He discovered his love of all things airplane even before he discovered girls. The son of an airplane geek mother 和 father, 米迦’当他与当时73岁的祖父(巧合的是他的祖父)从纽约飞往新奥尔良时,他的第一次飞行是13岁’s first flight too).

As a self taught airplane geek, 米迦 is recognized internationally as having a vast broad based knowledge of aviation, with expertise in military 和 commercial aeronautics as well an extensive familiarity with 通用航空 和 rotor-wing craft.

Connect with 米迦 at [email protected] 或在Twitter @mainefly上。